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About Us.....We cover it all from Buyers, Sellers, Investors, Foreclosures and Flips. We also have Preferred Lenders, Inspectors and Contractors at hand for advice and future projects. 

We believe in and have always had a strong personal touch, hands on operation assisting from start to a never ending relationship.  We are happy to share all of our experience and knowledge in helping you make an educated decision in all aspects of home Sells, Buying, Remodeling, Decorating and Ownership. 

98% of our business comes from referrals by past clients. Hundreds of Buyers and Sellers have been represented. We are proud to boast we have a number of bilingual English/Spanish speakers to assist. We are privately owned and operated allowing flexibility not all can offer. 

Buyers.....Feel free to browse the listing section for all active listings. Our website contains all listing from ALL Real Estate Agents, Utah Real Estate.com/WFRMLS and other outside sources. There is no need to look anywhere else. We have linked everything here. Enjoy

Sellers......Please take two seconds and fill out the short form. We will be happy to shoot over a quick estimated value of your home ***FREE***. No doubt, We will be much more accurate if you send us a detailed email.  

In Foreclosure.....If you have received some foreclosure marketing material from us please click **In Foreclosure** under Additional Links. We have been working negotiations with the Banks & Lenders for over 10 years. Please take a second and read what is posted. Please be careful on what you do. There are agencies out there just waiting to prey on you. Bank negotiations are free. Loan Modifications are free. If someone is asking for money to do these. RUN FAST. If you want to stay in your home. We will help to direct you. If you want or need to sell. We can also do that. Short sales are free.  No money out of pocket. The banks pay Us. Yes, to good to be true!! 

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